If the net amount of products purchased in Pilch Ceramics Company Showroom is higher than PLN 1000, the cost of transport to towns located within the radius of 20 km is covered by Pilch Ceramics.


The cost of delivery of products purchased for less than the net amount of PLN 1000 and products delivered to towns located farther than the radius of 20 km is:

up to 10 km PLN 35

up to 20 km PLN 62

up to 30 km PLN 83

if the radius exceeds 30 km, the rate is PLN 1.80/km – return from Pilch Ceramics Retail Outlet.


The price only includes unloading the products from the car.

Delivery takes place within 5 working days from the date of purchase.

The above prices concern 1 ride. When more rides are necessary, the price depends on the number of rides.


Existing transport area:


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